Rates Reikitreatments

Rmem compleet voor online boekingen

45 minutes € 47,00
(This is a short treatment during which the Chakra’s wil be treated/balanced or a specific part of the body will be treated.
This short treatments usually already has the effect of deep relaxation, but a longer treatment has a better effect off course)
60 minuten € 59,00
(This is atreatment during which the Chakra’s will be treated/balanced and some specific bodyparts. Beside that there is a short while to talk
and demonstrate, explain some relaxation and breathing excercises)
90 minuten € 79,00
(This treatment gives all the possibilaties mentioned above “a tailor made” treatment for you.
Reality has proven that this duration for a treatment is the best. Especially when it is the first or second treatment in a while.
This treatment gives the possibilaty for explanation, practice etc.
Reikidistancetreatment (about 15 minutes) € 17,50
(As the name says, this treatment is done from a distance.
Therefor it is different then normal and it takes less time.
It is easier for you and ussually it works as good as normal treatments,)
Often i advice to mix these treatment with normal treatments during a serie of treatments.

For good relaxation one treatment is enough. For better result, for real change/improve natyrally more treatments have to be taken.

Reiki series of treatments;
You can also book series (buy a serie of treatments in advance).
A serie of 5 treatments entitles you to 10% discount (all treatments have to buy booked within 6 months or the rest will expire)
A serie of 10 treatments entitles you to 15% discount (all treatments have to buy booked within 12 months or the rest will expire)

A serie can also exist of different, for example some normal- and some distancetreatments)

At one treatment when we talk about the serie, we make the deal. Then the next treatment will be the first of the serie.
Outward that first treatment the serie has to be paid in advance fully.